Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Ashjani

Greetings from Ashjani
My name is Ashjani Nimeiry   from Republic of Sudan . Presently in Dakar Senegal  26 years of age.
I saw your e mail address in forwarded page so i decided to extend my felicitations to you. Presently i can not really specify what prompted my drive to write but i did have the mind that you could be a nice person. I have the interest to meet people from out side my continent and felicitate. It is my believe that there are nice people out there who can appreciate the values of friendship. Personal I might not be very beautiful physically like most ladies in your country but I think I have the beauty of the mind, which is more valuable to me.
Please write me if you can. I am single and focus. I wouldn't say but will leave that to you to find out with time. As allowing others to access you is a humble act. Hope to receive a message from you. It will be very much appreciated getting to know you much better and share our experience and good wills about our respective continents.
Here is my photos .  With due respect i ask, do tell me some briefs about you. Your love live, what you do appreciate in a woman in general and your dislikes. Lest I forget I am  simply colored and wish you do not mind as I have the concept that we all are the same irrespective of our colors. The inner person to me is most important, friendships to me is a right of all humans and if properly inclined could add to once happiness.
My greetings to all your good and loving family were ever you Live. Please do write me back soonest I will appreciate from the dept of my heart..
Your friend,
Ashjani .


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