Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vanuatu football mourns Ken Mausavakalo.

Vanuatu football was plunged into mourning today 30th of December 2009 following the death of a national defender Ken Mausavakalo, who suffered from illness 3 weeks after the National Games.

Vanuatu Football Federation and Oceania Football Confederation have expressed their condolences to Mausavakalo's family and to his brother Fenedy Mausavakalo. The OFC Competition Manager, Seamus Martin send an email to VFF saying "This news is a real shock and our thoughts and prayers are with the Vanuatu football family after such a loss". He also wrote that "Ken was a wonderful leader and an inspiration to those who played with him and a true ambassador for Vanuatu".

Brief History

Ken Mausavakalo from Mele village, South of Efate Island was born on 20th November 1984. He showed a passion for football from a very early age. As a youngster he played for Vanuatu in different junior categories to senior national team.

During his professional career, Mausavakalo captained for Vanuatu national beach soccer team in 3 tournaments in Tahiti and New Zealand. He was also the captain of Vanuatu national football team in the South Pacific Games 2007 in Samoa when Vanuatu won bronze beating Tahiti 1-0.
He is currently the captain for Amicale Football Club and is regarded as a top defender in Vanuatu football.

He will be missed by Vanuatu football fans, his players from Amicale football club, his families in Mele village and friends around Port Vila.

Mausavakalo died around 1.00pm today in his home village of Mele, and his funeral will be held tomorrow at 1.00pm at Mele Village Presbyterian Church.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spirit 08 FC Congratulates Auckland City

The third ranking club in Vanuatu's National League, Spirit 08 has congratulated OFC O League Club champions over their inspiring performance at the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhapi, United Arab Emirates.

Auckland City claimed fifth place after they beat African Club Champion TP Mazemba and brought home US$1.5 million in prize money.

"Congratulations on a superb performance. First and foremost it must be exhilarating for your club to experience the results of many years of commitment and dedication on the global stage. Auckland City FC has become an inspiration to what a well organized and dedicated can achieve for our small (football) club in the islands of Vanuatu," a letter to the management of Auckland City FC and copied to OFC, the VFF, the PVFA and the media.

The Spirit 08 said Auckland City FC represented the best team in Oceania Football Confederation and progressed further than any other team from this region has ever done. " This in itself is a proud moment for the Oceania Football Confederation as you have reminded the world that football is alive and kicking in our corner," Spirit 08 management said.

Auckland City FC, which is arguably an amateur side if compared to the six clubs from FIFA Confederations that participated in the FIFA Club World Cup, beat hosts Al Ahli 2-0 and although they lost 0-3 to Mexico's Atlante they beat the Congolese giants Mazembe for the fifth place play-offs. "We wish your club every success in the coming year and assure you that our little club in Vanuatu will do our best to become a well organized and dedicated group of players and management. It is our hope to push the level of football in Vanuatu to a stage where we can consistently competitive with teams as yours," Spirit 08 said in their letter.

Meanwhile, local top clubs in the Premier Division here in Port Vila Football Association are busy with international transfer papers to bring in players from Fiji and the Solomon Islands to boost their 2009/2010 campaign for a berth in the O League club championship.

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Manly Warrigah has donated over 2,000 used football equipments to VFF.

An Australian Football Club in Sydney, Manly Warrigah has donated over 2,000 used uniforms and over 500 used soccer boots, shin guards, goalkeeper gloves and balls to Vanuatu Football grassroots football players this year 2009.


Mr. Brian Dunphy who is the main man behind the boots collection with the club said, the club is too  happy to donate  used football equipments to soccer players in Vanuatu.


"We have many players and clubs who like to give away their football used equipments to Vanuatu players. We are very certain that it will be a good use to them because we know that Vanuatu has some good players who live in the rural areas in the country who  can't afford a new pair of  soccer boots." Said Brian."


All the used equipment was sent to Mr Harry Atisson the media officer and former Referee Development Officer for Vanuatu Football Federation. His responsibility now is to distribute them to all the clubs, schools and players in the country where needed.


"So far so good, I have distributed the uniforms and soccer boots to all the clubs in the football associations in Vanuatu. During the Vanuatu U15 this year, I have given the 8 teams from the provinces that took part a  set each  of uniform, boots and goalkeeper gloves and you can see the smiling faces on  the face of their coaches and players. I also gave some of the uniform to the Vanuatu FIFA Referees to use during our National games."said Mr. Atisson


"Vanuatu Football Media and Marketing communication would like to thank all the players, coaches, clubs who played under the umbrella of Manly Warrigah in Sydney Australia for seeing the needs of our young players in Vanuatu and can give away the used equipment to Vanuatu. Hopefully they will continue to do the same in the coming years."





National players must visit Rural football

The National Striker, Etienne Mermer was invited to the closing of Lamap Football Festival on Malekula last Friday 18th of December, 2009. Mr. Mermer went down after an invitation from the tournament sponsor, Mr Abong Marcelin who is the director of Cultural Centre in Vanuatu. Mr Marcelin told Vanuafoot that the main idea behind this tournament was to help fight against cigarette, Alcohol, Kava and also teenage pregnancy during this Christmas holiday.

" Vanuatu's life style is changing fast and we must always help to educate our young people to stay away from all these dangerous drugs and I want to use Football, the popular sports in our country to fight against all this dangerous drugs." Said Mr Marcelin.
"I thank VFF for letting our national striker Etienne Mermer to come down to our province and his province to help the young people. His coming means a lot to us because the young people there can have the great opportunity to meet the striker who once played in Australia and now the current Tafea striker and also the Soccer Academy manager, " Marcelin said.

The One week Tournament started on the 11th of this month and ended on the 18th. Altogether there were 20 teams who participated in this tournament. Most teams came from the island where this tournament was held and two from Ambrym.

In response, Etienne told Vanuafoot that it is about time, all national players must travel to all the provinces to spread the good news of football and fight against the deadly drugs that are really affecting the life of young people today which is very sad to see. "The example of Lamap tournament is a very good one and its good for all provinces to do the same." We must continue to play hard and fight hard to help our young people to stay away from Kava, Alcohol, Cigarette so that one day they can represent ort country well in football." added Mr. Mermer.

The Happy Sponsor Mr Marcelin confirmed with Vanuafoot after he saw the success of this year's tournament that next year's tournament will be at the same venue but will be a bigger one than this year. "I am planning to invite our national players to next year's tournament to be the main highlight of the tournament" saids Mr. Marcelin.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OFC is pleased to announce important ticketing information ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.

Oceania residents who wish to experience FIFA's showcase event first hand will be able to in the following three ways:

1. By registering interest to purchase ticket only packages for all New Zealand matches through New Zealand Football (this is for New Zealand citizens or residents only)

2. OFC will offer residents across the Oceania region (including New Zealand) the ability to apply for a limited number of ticket only packages for all matches at the FIFA World Cup™ from the opening match to the final.

3. Finally, OFC in partnership with Stars Travel International (who will soon be appointed by MATCH Services as the official FIFA Tour Operator for OFC) will be offering exclusive travel packages to the Oceania region. These all-inclusive packages will include flights, match tickets, accommodation and transfers making it easy for supporters to plan their ultimate FIFA World Cup™ experience. This license gives Stars Travel International guaranteed access to tickets from FIFA. Only those operators appointed by MATCH Services and displaying the official logo are licensed to sell these authorized travel packages available for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.

Fans are asked to register their interest at

General Secretary Tai Nicholas says OFC is delighted to be in a position to offer Oceania football fans packages that include ticket only options as well as travel packages for all matches.

"The magic that is the FIFA World Cup™ only comes around every four years and for the Oceania champions New Zealand it has been a 28-year wait. We know that thousands of fans across the region will be eager to follow the All Whites in South Africa while also catching some of the other footballing superpowers in action," says Nicholas.

Through, OFC will keep fans informed of all the latest happenings around team news, ticketing updates plus travel and hospitality opportunities as the journey to South Africa draws closer.

The registration period starts today and will end at 10pm on Sunday 17 January. After registration on the OFC website, individuals will be sent more detailed information about applying for tickets and tour packages.

Vanuafoot has a new website.

Since Vanuafoot started in June 2009 with the Television Weekly Program on every Wednesdays, commencing at 8 till 8:30pm, it has attracted a lot of football fans around Port Vila. The Weekly Program on Television within Port Vila has got the football fans interest by
enjoying the football news, interviews and pictures. This has become one of the best programs on Television for most football fans in the capital.

After some weeks when the TV program started, the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation agreed to have Vanuafoot on air too every Saturday mornings on the national radio that starts at 10 to 10:30am.

Harry Atisson who is the media officer for the Vanuatu Football Federation in Vanuatu is the producer of this program. He started the Vanuafoot Program straight after the three weeks training he had in Tahiti with Olivier Huc who is the producer for Fenua Foot in INTV in Tahiti. He attended the training in March this year 2009.

A great achievement that Vanuafoot gained this year is when Vanuatu Football Federation officially launched its website this week in Port Vila inside the football house.

"It is important to have a website, since this is the most useful information source people or football fans can have within and around the world about what is happening with football in Vanuatu", says Mr. Atisson the media officer.

He expressed his gratitude to the partners of the Oceania Football Confederation and Win in Oceania Project, Vanuatu Football Federation as well as volunteers in Vanuafoot that makes it possible for the information to go out. Without the handwork of Sam Obed, who with his great skill and talent in editing Vanuafoot could appear professionally on the screen for all to enjoy. Also to Mathew Temar for creating the new website for Vanuafoot. The website address is

Early January next year 2010, Vanuafoot will issue its first edition on newsletter for everyone.


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