Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vanuafoot has a new website.

Since Vanuafoot started in June 2009 with the Television Weekly Program on every Wednesdays, commencing at 8 till 8:30pm, it has attracted a lot of football fans around Port Vila. The Weekly Program on Television within Port Vila has got the football fans interest by
enjoying the football news, interviews and pictures. This has become one of the best programs on Television for most football fans in the capital.

After some weeks when the TV program started, the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation agreed to have Vanuafoot on air too every Saturday mornings on the national radio that starts at 10 to 10:30am.

Harry Atisson who is the media officer for the Vanuatu Football Federation in Vanuatu is the producer of this program. He started the Vanuafoot Program straight after the three weeks training he had in Tahiti with Olivier Huc who is the producer for Fenua Foot in INTV in Tahiti. He attended the training in March this year 2009.

A great achievement that Vanuafoot gained this year is when Vanuatu Football Federation officially launched its website this week in Port Vila inside the football house.

"It is important to have a website, since this is the most useful information source people or football fans can have within and around the world about what is happening with football in Vanuatu", says Mr. Atisson the media officer.

He expressed his gratitude to the partners of the Oceania Football Confederation and Win in Oceania Project, Vanuatu Football Federation as well as volunteers in Vanuafoot that makes it possible for the information to go out. Without the handwork of Sam Obed, who with his great skill and talent in editing Vanuafoot could appear professionally on the screen for all to enjoy. Also to Mathew Temar for creating the new website for Vanuafoot. The website address is www.vanuafoot.vu

Early January next year 2010, Vanuafoot will issue its first edition on newsletter for everyone.

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