Saturday, June 12, 2010

NSL: Amicale's last win also claims its spot in O-league

Amicale F.C. thrased Spirit 08 in their last match of the NSL tournament by 3 goals to 0 to claim its spot in the O-league. The win this afternoon has added point to a clear 19 on the NSL table ahead of all the NSL contenders.
Spirit 08 under coach Carlos and Veteran's Vari and Nari could not stop the Red Devil's 'Rocket', Fenedy Mausafakalo, in a battle with his opposing GK managed to chip the ball over to open the score in 16 minutes.
In the 27 minutes, Batram added on a superb goal to take Amicale leading with 2 points before he was substituted, but the line-up saw all 4 Solomon Island imports had no spot on the bench this time under coach Philemon John and Pastor William Malas.
Fijian import, Esava Samudere played for few minutes but was sent back to bench for having an arm injury he got from their last match last weekend, and it was evident that Spirit need to strengthen their defense which saw another Carlos favorite who has multi-skills to play defense and striker was positioned quickly to defense line after 08 continued to recieve goals and under heavy attack from the fast Red Devils..
In an announcement made by PVFA president after the match, Amicale F.C's status is another history in PVFA after it's rivals for topping the NSL and will be the next champion club to represent Vanuatu in the O-league.
Andrew Leong, Amicale's team manager said they are happy about their win and will be looking forward to the competition. "Now that we have fulfil our objective, I could bring more players from Solomon Islands and Australia to boost our team to another level", he said. "I will be aiming for the top title and wish to give back to the grassroots", he added.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NSL Update: Amical F.C. 1 - 0 Tafea

1pm Match
Amicale F.C. 1 - 0 Tafea F.C.
Goal scorer: Batram Suri 40'
3pm Match
Tupuji Imere F.C. 5 - 1 Academy F.C.
Goal scorers: Rodney 21', Rodney 30', Bula 32', Rodney 74', Antonio 79', Moken [ACA] 83'.
NSL Table Classment
Amicale F.C. - 16 Points
Tafea F.C. - 11 Points
Spirit 08 F.C. - 8 Points
Academy F.C. - 4 Points
Tupuji Imere F.C. - 4 Points


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