Saturday, June 5, 2010

NSL Update: Amical F.C. 1 - 0 Tafea

1pm Match
Amicale F.C. 1 - 0 Tafea F.C.
Goal scorer: Batram Suri 40'
3pm Match
Tupuji Imere F.C. 5 - 1 Academy F.C.
Goal scorers: Rodney 21', Rodney 30', Bula 32', Rodney 74', Antonio 79', Moken [ACA] 83'.
NSL Table Classment
Amicale F.C. - 16 Points
Tafea F.C. - 11 Points
Spirit 08 F.C. - 8 Points
Academy F.C. - 4 Points
Tupuji Imere F.C. - 4 Points


Anonymous said...

Please Harry, have some observation as to how the match was played and what are the chances. Overseas followers need to catch up on some sort of details, predictions, observations and comments.

Keep up the good work. Well done

Anonymous said...

Sorry am in South Africa for the World Cup 2010. Amical FC needs to win Spirit 08 this weekend to be the new champion and represent Vanuatu in the next OL.

Harry in SA 2010

Anonymous said...

From wanem i no stap kat ol update lo website blo vanuafoot. Ol classmen oli no stret. ol man oli nomo stap kivim comment from i no gat ol accurate information lo website ia. comon VFF. recrutim wan man we i gat save lo internet blo updatem ol fan blo sOCCER LO Vanuatu. Go Amicale go. This is you time . Make use of it. We will be there.

Anonymous said...

Me wandem talem wan bigfala thankio blo me i ko lo Amicale from ol gud win we i stap mekem lo Port-Vila stadium. Every sapota i stap bihaen lo yu. Bae yumi mekem lo o-league. bae yumi soem strengt blo yumi mo stret spirit blo futball lo Vanuatu. Go Amicale Go !!!!


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