Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vanuatu football mourns Ken Mausavakalo.

Vanuatu football was plunged into mourning today 30th of December 2009 following the death of a national defender Ken Mausavakalo, who suffered from illness 3 weeks after the National Games.

Vanuatu Football Federation and Oceania Football Confederation have expressed their condolences to Mausavakalo's family and to his brother Fenedy Mausavakalo. The OFC Competition Manager, Seamus Martin send an email to VFF saying "This news is a real shock and our thoughts and prayers are with the Vanuatu football family after such a loss". He also wrote that "Ken was a wonderful leader and an inspiration to those who played with him and a true ambassador for Vanuatu".

Brief History

Ken Mausavakalo from Mele village, South of Efate Island was born on 20th November 1984. He showed a passion for football from a very early age. As a youngster he played for Vanuatu in different junior categories to senior national team.

During his professional career, Mausavakalo captained for Vanuatu national beach soccer team in 3 tournaments in Tahiti and New Zealand. He was also the captain of Vanuatu national football team in the South Pacific Games 2007 in Samoa when Vanuatu won bronze beating Tahiti 1-0.
He is currently the captain for Amicale Football Club and is regarded as a top defender in Vanuatu football.

He will be missed by Vanuatu football fans, his players from Amicale football club, his families in Mele village and friends around Port Vila.

Mausavakalo died around 1.00pm today in his home village of Mele, and his funeral will be held tomorrow at 1.00pm at Mele Village Presbyterian Church.


Patou said...

thnx lo upd8 M@tt. Btw, job well done on t new site :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Vanuafoot and VFF

armstrong masanga
Office of the PM

Anonymous said...

Sori tu we umi lusum wan dedicated mo goodfala ambassador blong soccer long vanuatu we ino kat fulap i olsem em.



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