Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ken Memorial Cup updates

Ken Mausavakalo Memorial Cup tournament kicked off last thursday at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

Today is the fourth day of the tournament for teams in the Port Vila Football Association. The matches to watch today will see Tafea F.C. taking Amicale F.C. at 5.30pm, and at 7pm the young teouma Academy will play Tupuji Imere F.C.

On the day 1 of the competitions, Seveners draw with Yatel with a goal each in their pool 1.

On Day 2 of the tournament, suprisingly the young academy team beats Amicale F.C. 3 - 1. Amicale was equiped with top stars like Fenedy, Derek Malas and imported Batram Suri and Nelson Sale from Solomon Islands.

Last night Spirit 08 F.C. draws with Yatel and Westan who lost their first game managed to beat the Seveners F.C team with 4 goals to 1.

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