Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solomon Islands Are Here For the Wantok TVL U15-U16 Tournament

The Solomon Islands U15-U16 football squad are the first teams to arrive in Port Vila for the Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) Wantok U15-U16Tournament. Other participating teams in the tournament are New Caledonia National Youth Squad and 3 teams from Vanuatu. The Vanuatu side have put up 3 teams - Vanuatu Academy South Province, Vanuatu Academy North Province and the Vanuatu Youth Olympic Team.
The Solomon U15-U16 squad are also known as Learn & Play selection which consists of students studying under the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Learn and Play Scholarships in Aligegeo, Goldie College and King George the Sixth School.
The tournament kicks-off on Saturday 2pm at the Port Vila Stadium with  Match 1 - Solomon Islands playing Vanuatu North, Match 2 - New Caledonia playing Vanuatu South and the Vanuatu Olympic Team on rest.
Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) with sponsorship of Telecom is organising the tournament and there are possibilities that the TVL U15-U16 Wantok Tournament will be an anual event.
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Wea nao ol wantok lo Solo Team i stap?

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Teouma Football Academy

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Hem wan taem....Hmmmmm Hmmmmm!!


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