Thursday, January 21, 2010

TVL Wantok U15 Tournament - Day 4 updates

- After the first game, the prognostic is respected with the final today for the first place between Vanuatu south Islands and Solomon Islands, who were off yesterday.

-It was an easy game yesterday for Vanuatu South against Vanuatu Olympic, and Jean Kaltak, who is also the striker of the U20 Academy team, realised the second hat-trick of the tournament, and now is leading the ranking of the goal scorers.

-It was aslo like a family affair yesterday with a goal put by his young brother Tonny for the Olympic team.

-The second game is played between New Caledonia and Vanuatu North.

-The final match will be played between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu South.

Game results:

Vanuatu South Islands (Romain Carlot 1, Abraham Roqara 1, Jean Kaltak 3)Vanuatu Olympic (Tonny Kaltak 1, Gelene Waiwai 1)52
New CaledoniaVanuatu North Islands (Daniel Tenene 1, Hari Tama 1)02
BySolomon Islands

Tournament Ranking:

Solomon Islands9330012111
Vanuatu South Islands732101147
Vanuatu North Islands4311157-2
Vanuatu Olympic0300339-6
New Caledonia02002010-10

Goalscorers : Jean Kaltak (Vanuatu S) 5, Clarence Bonsley (Solomon) 4, Reman Robson (Vanuatu S) 4, Gabriel Bosi (Solomon) 3, Tonny Kaltak (Vanuatu O) 2, Jimmy Raramane (Solomon) 2, Tama Hari (Vanuatu N) 2, John Bitiai (Solomon) 1, Branneth Bu (Vanuatu N) 1, Tawal Franco (Vanuatu N) 1, Abraham Roqara (Vanuatu S) 1, Harrisson Mala (Solomon) 1, Daniel Tenene (Vanuatu N) 1, Romain Carlot (Vanuatu S) 1, Waiwai Gelene (Vanuatu O) 1


Anonymous said...

The final between the two game leaders will be played at Port Vila Stadium this afternoon 21st January at 15h30, followed by the other important match between the two youngest teams, New Caledonia and Olympic Team, both with kids born in 1995, who will play at 13h30.

please edit...

dfchristfirst said...

Go Solo Go, We are still the champions .........despite all odds....we can still be there


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