Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vanuatu Football Federation launched Football Newsletter

The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) launched Vanuafoot newsletter today in the capital. The newsletter was launched after the new website, both to promote football in the country.

Vanuafoot is a 30 minutes television and radio program aired every wednesday and saturday evening on the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) network.

The newsletter was distributed to fans around Port Vila town and at the national stadium today for free. "This first edition has 4 pages and its a free edition, said the editor, Mr Harry Atisson. "We will be printing every week and we want to promote football as a sport to address some social issues like crime, health problems, smoking, Alcohol, Kava abuse and more in our program", added Mr. Atisson.

Football fans around Port Vila were happy today to read the newsletter especially of a sport that is regarded as Number 1 sport in Vanuatu and abroad.

The newsletter can be downloaded for free by going to website or by clicking here.

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