Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amicale F.C. Vs Tupuji Imere F.C - Live Now!

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13.15. Game starts and Tony Chilia got injured and carried out on a stretcher. Free kick by Tupuji and wide shot. Tony got back in.

13.17. Good shot by Tupuji but saved by Amicale Keeper. Another break through by Tupuji but shot was defelected by keeper and cleared out by Amicale defence.

3.20 Error made by Amicale defence and an advantage for Tupuji to score but was saved by keeper.

3.21 Amicale missed a left crossing by Kidston. Tupuji missed a right corner crossing.

3.22 Right cross by Tupuji and hand-ball by Tony Chilia

3.23 Amicale's Yalu has a chance before the keeper, but shot was saved by Tupuji keeper. hand-ball at Amicale's defence, shot over bar.

3.25 Another shot by Amicale's 12 jersey and it got wide and out.

3.26 Foul by Tupuji's 26, shot taken by Kidston and it got saved by Tupuji keeper, Chikau Malsale.

3.29 Perfect pass by Batram to Fenedy and he chipped the ball over Chikau Malsale and in the net. First goal for Amicale.

3.33. Foul to Batram but was dismissed by the referee.

3.34 Foul by Amicale's 12 Jersey to Tony Chilia. Free kick awarded and Tony Chilia got a yellow card for swearing.

3.36 Corner shot taken by Batram but was cleared by Tupuji defence.

3.38 Free kick for Tupuji 20m but was cleared out and almost shot back in. It was saved by Amicale keeper.

3.41 Kidston with the keeper but missed. Free kick by Tupuji 's 13 jersey 20m from Amicale box went over the cross bar.

3.43 Fenedy got a chance but missed to score. Another chance for Amicale, when a good pass from Fenedy to Batram 5m away from Tupuji's box and Batram managed to bypass the Tupuji's defence but he shot over the bar.

3.49 Tupuji 8 jersey got red card for using foul language against the referee, and it was disputed by Chikau Malsale, Tupuji keeper. Chikau got a yellow card for arguing with the referee.

3.53 A shot by Batram but was saved by Chikau Malsale.

3.54 44" Billy Kidston scored again for Amicale.

3.57 Tony Chilia trying hard to get through Amicale's defence.

Half-time: Amicale F.C. 2 - 0 Tupuji Imere F.C.

46" Batram missed a header from close range.

3" Kidston shot wide 10m from the goal box.

6" Good pass from Fenedy to Kidston but got deflected by Tupuji's defenders.

8" Another shot by Fenedy Mausavakalo was deflected by Tupuji keeper.

12" Replacement by Tupuji Imere.

17" Amicale 31 jersey shot wide.

18" Good chance for Amicale again, but Batram Suri made an error at Tupuji's base.

20" Great shot by Fenedy from Amicale in the Tupuji box and was deflected by captain of Tupuji Imere by hand. Tupuji Captain got red card. Kidston's penalty was deflected by Chikau Malsale.

29" Fenedy scored again for Amicale.

31" Fenedy missed another goal.

35" Amicale's 31 jersey missed an easy goal.

38" Free kick by Tupuji but was deflected by Amicale defender to a corner kick. Corner kick taken, but was deflected by Amicale keeper. Another header from Tupuji was saved by Amicale keeper.

44" Tupuji missed a goal.

End of Game.

Final score: Amicale F.C. 3 - 0 Tupuji Imere F.C.

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