Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jorge here to boost football

Jorge Anon De Leon
The Vanuatu Football Federation welcomed a new technical coach developer Jorge Anon De Leon from Uruguay, last week in Port Vila.
In a press statement yesterday at the VFF house, Mr. Jorge said he is keen to be a coach developer here and he is here to help local coaches who have done tremendously so far and to help them develop their coaching career.
“I wish to thank Mr. Lambert Maltock for accepting my invitation to come and work here in Vanuatu, and I will be here with an aim to boost the level of coaches and take football to another level”, he said.
Last weekend, Jorge had a chance to observe the Football Academy Project team played against Tafea F.C. and he outlined mentality as a key area for the team to succeed.
“Their future looks promising, but some key areas will need to be addressed well”, he said.
Jorge Anon De Leon started his coaching career in 1998 after completing his studies in Uruguay and he went to coach for Indonesia national team and moved on to USA and Uruguay and he ended up coaching for a football club in Czech Republic before coming Vanuatu.
Jorge has 1-year contract with VFF and his contract can be extended on an agreeable terms.

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