Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melbourne’s Muscat: Grand Final experience counts

Melbourne Victory skipper Kevin Muscat believes that having previous Grand Final experience certainly helps prepare for another one.
As he and the rest of the Victory players prepare for their third Grand Final in four seasons, Muscat is of firm belief that previous experience helps in preparation and is happy with the fact that most of the current squad have that experience.
"I think in preparing for the week it certainly does help," Muscat said. "I'm not too sure that any boys in our squad haven't played in a Grand Final, there wouldn't be many.
"Throughout the week and even tonight, I don't think you're human if you don't feel a few nerves and you get to a point where you have got to make a decision on something and that's what does help because you've been through it before.
"You know what's worked and what hasn't worked to prepare as best you can so I've no doubt that actually being there and playing in one before does help in some capacity but on the other hand, some boys haven't played in one and have not really known what to expect.
"We can make sure that the younger players in our team know what's expected of them but also relax them and let them get out there and play to their capabilities."
Grand Finals are always a time when emotions run wild and Muscat understands that but he knows his team well enough to have faith that they will equip themselves in a positive manner come match time.
"Without a doubt (they will keep their emotions in check)," he added. "It's the big dance tomorrow night and I think we all agree here today and over previous weeks that the two best teams have made the Grand Final. We are fully aware we represent not only Melbourne but Victoria and we'll go out tomorrow night and as always try and put on a good show for our fans. The preparation has been tremendous and our only focus is tomorrow night to get everyone as close to 100% as possible and the outcome and result will look after itself."

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