Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vanuatu says 'Sorry' to Lautoka F.C.

Exchange of mats
In a ceremony organized this today 30th March 2010 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the Port Vila Ex-FOL house, the Minister responsible for Youth and Sports, Honorable Raphael Worwor reconciled with the Lautoka F.C. and Fiji Honorary Consul over the incident that happened last weekend at the PVM Stadium.
Last weekend match between Tafea F.C. and Lautoka F.C. was brought to chaos after some spectators stormed the pitch few minutes before the end of match and caused the game to stop.
During the ceremony, Honorable Raphael Worwor states the government position on the incident and conveyed Vanuatu’s apology to players and management of Fiji Lautoka team.

“Vanuatu and Fiji have established and built a very strong relationship through exchanges and support in regional and international dialogues and worked together to establish regional institutions as the University of the South Pacific, Forum Secretariat, Secretariat of the South Pacific Community and the Melanesian Spearhead Group, to name a view”, said Minister Worwor.
"As appropriate measures will be taking course, the government finds it proper as Melanesian brothers and also as the host country of this important match to officially in this occasion convey on behalf of the government football family, VFF and people of Vanuatu our deepest words of apology and sorry.
", he said.
Minister Worwor also stressed that the government is seriously concerned as these attitudes do not promote sports and in particular soccer development in the region.
“The actions can also lead to degradation of relationship build so far between the two countries”, he stressed.
The Minister also made an appeal to organizers and in particular VFF to ensure a more tight level of security are in place in the future for important regional and international matches such as this one.
The ceremony witnessed a traditional custom settlement by handing over of custom mats and Kava to Fiji Lautoka team as payment and gesture of peace between Vanuatu people, Lautoka F.C., and Fijian people

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