Thursday, April 8, 2010

Incidents like that don’t help OFC

The Oceania Football Confederation says it is worried about the consequences of an incident at an O League match in Vanuatu capital, Port Vila before last week. A number of spectators ran on to the playing pitch shortly before the end of the game, forcing local officials to end the match prematurely. A referee and a number of players were reportedly assaulted. The OFC General Secretary, Tai Nicholas, says an incident of this kind gets back to the world governing body, FIFA. “They would have seen this incident in the wires back in Zurich. And we’re just embarking on a visitation to Vanuatu, and PNG and New Caledonia and Solomon Islands because Oceania is bidding to host the FIFA Under 17 World Cup in these islands. And incidents like that don’t help OFC. So we have to be doubly sure that things like this don’t happen again.”

Tai Nicholas says they are investigating the incident in Port Vila, and it will likely result in sanctions against the local club.


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