Tuesday, April 6, 2010

North Queensland Fury urge FFA over Fowler

North Queensland Fury have called on Football Federation Australia to allow Robbie Fowler to re-sign for the club.
Robbie Fowler
Robbie Fowler may not return to North Queensland Fury
Fowler, 34, has proved a success since moving to the A-League in 2009 but he is currently thought to be in England earning his European coaching A licence as doubts remain over his future at Fury.
The club is currently under the control of the FFA following cash problems and the body is in talks with the players as they look to reduce wage costs substantially for next season.
It is thought that coach Ian Ferguson, who has been asked to reapply for his job, will leave but the FFA has apparently ruled out the possibility that Fury could appoint a player-coach such as Fowler.
Fury owner Don Matheson, who brought Fowler to the club on a three-year deal, is set to hold talks with Fowler on Tuesday but urged the FFA to do all it can to secure a new agreement with the former Liverpool striker.
"It can't be understated what value he's been to the club," Matheson said in The Age. "The FFA will want to be careful they don't let bean-counters run the game because they don't bring culture to a club."
Fury goalkeeper Justin Pasfield added his weight to the campaign to bring Fowler back to the club.
"He's a big part of our team and a big part off the field as well," he told the Townsville Bulletin. "A player of his calibre, playing with him every day and being with him every day, you learn a lot of things."

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