Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VBTC sole broadcaster for Africa World Cup 2010

FIFA through OFC has finally granted World Cup 2010 broadcasting right to Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Cooperation just a few weeks before kick-off on 11th June 2010 in South Africa.

The World Cup matches will be channel through Australian SBS and Fiji Mai TV who also have approval from FIFA and OFC to broadcast around Oceania/Pacific.

The agreement with VBTC was signed between Mr. Richard Broadbridge of Mai TV and the General Manager of VBTC, Mr. Fred Vurobaravu last December and is now made known to every broadcasters prior to the World Cup event that VBTC only have the exclusive right to broadcast the event around Vanuatu.

The right gives full power to VBTC, therefore any other TV broadcasters and Pay TV services in Vanuatu will have to negotiate with VBTC now prior the event.

General Manager of VBTC, Mr. Fred Vurobaravu said since 1992, Vanuatu have been enjoying the service through French RFO by an agreement made between Vanuatu and French Government. This time it will be different for the first time we will be broadcasting live coverage matches in English and plus, it's also free to every television set in the country.

"I wish to thank RFO for their continuous assistance in broadcasting past matches, and current live matches, EUFA championship and past World Cup matches. I also wish to thank OFC for making it possible to broadcast live in Vanuatu via Australian SBS and Fiji Mai TV", he said.

Mr. Vurobaravu said the service could likely be extended to most of the outer islands.

Photo: VBTC General Manager, Fred Vurobaravu

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Anonymous said...

Good so socccer fans can get to watch the games. Hopefully TBV can get some credit for this initiative.

Pls GM next taem yu take a shot for official purpose or attend official meetings, remove your sun glasses. Thank yu


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