Sunday, April 18, 2010

VFF now controls Chapuis Stadium

President of VFF and Minister of Youth and Sports
Vanuatu Football Federation signed a 10 year lease over Chapuis stadium from the Vanuatu Government on friday 16 April 2010 in Luganville Santo.

The lease instrument was signed between the President of VFF - Mr. Lambert Maltock, Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports - Raphael Worwor and witnessed by the Chairman of the National Sports Council - Mr. Joe Bomal Carlo.

In a statement after the signing, President of VFF said this is a big achievement for Vanuatu Football and it is like a 'dream come true' for VFF.

"We have been trying to discuss the issue with many sports ministers that come and go, but the issue never took their attention. I am so happy the Government today have realised how important the issue is and to let VFF controlls the stadium which will help develop football in Luganville, Santo and surrounding islands in the northern region", said Lambert Maltock.

Chapuis Stadium, Luganville Santo
Minister Worwor said the agreement was resolved because the Government trusted VFF to manage the stadium, but if VFF can proof themselves, it is likely that other government stadiums around Vanuatu will be handed over to VFF in simialr way.

Chairman of NSC, Mr. Joe Bomal Carlo also expressed his gratitude for the agreement to lease and he assured VFF that NSC will also support VFF in managing the Stadium.

FIFA goal bureau approves 20 Million grant to develop Chapuis Stadium and the project will facilitate selection in the noerthen region for Teouma football academy too.

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