Sunday, May 16, 2010

PVFA U-20: Kalmet blasts 2 goals against Yatel

The PVFA U-20 kicked-off this month and last Thursday saw Pango GB U-20 took Yatel U-20 by surprise when they nailed the blues who have a senior team participating in the premiere division by 3 goals to 2.

The Green Birds have been absent in the league for quite some time now and the current U-20 could revive the Green spirit again.

Former Pango GB star, Steven Kalmet, grand-son blasted 2 goals for the Greens' to take the lead.
Pango Green Bird was popular in the early 80's and was PVFA champion in 1983-1984 with great players like Steven Kalmet, Lionel Kaluat and many more.

Vanuafoot team is aware that a new football executive was formed in Pango village recently and the win could be the result of these changes.

Both teams consisted of very good and potential players if trained well, they could become professional footballers. The afternoon match saw the Green GK displayed some very good keeper skills that stunned a lot of spectators.

PVFA U-20 tournament could be an advantage program for clubs to identify and train their players to play professional football and some critics have commented that PVFA should introduce the game to a more earlier age.

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