Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VFF announced 42-men pre-squad for Melanesian Cup.

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The Vanuatu Football Federation has announced a 42-men pre-squad to take part in the Melanesian Cup which will be hosted by Vanuatu in Port Vila on 31st of July to 7th of August 2010.

The players are Ernest Bong (Amical), Chikau Mansale (Tupuji), Alfred Malas (Tafea), Seloni (Academy), Ham (Spirit 08) and Kalnase Charley (Shepherds) as goal keepers.

Defenders comprised of Bulega Paul (Amical), Aru Stewart (Amical), Tari Selwyn (Amical), Bula Chilia (Tupuji), Freddy Vava (Tafea), Jeffery Gete (Tafea), Robert Thomas (Tafea), Samson Obed (Tafea), Joe Roger (Tafea), Leyley Hinge (Academy), Brian Kaltak (Academy), Andrew Chichirua (Ifira), Rexly Tari (Spirit 08) and Philiame Nikiao (Spirit 08).

Midfielders consist of Yelou Robert (Amical), Derick Malas (Amical), Richard Garae (Amical), Moise Poida (Tafea), Francois Sakama (Tafea), Richard Iwai (Tafea), Johnny Tirang (Academy), Rody Lenga (Spirit 08), Spensen (Seveners), Noal Maurice (Siwi), Lorry Thomsen (Shepherds), Antony Malapa (Tupuji) and Nemani Roqara (Academy).

Strikers include Fenedy Masauvakalo (Amical), Bula Kalsopa (Tupuji), Jean Nako (Tafea), Jonah Ian (Tafea), Jean Kaltak (Academy), Walter Chichirua (Ifira), Jeffery Tess (Westtan), Robert Tasso (Spirit 08) and Daniel Michel (Shepherds).

The pre-squad training started off on Monday 10th May at the PVM stadium and will continue every Monday and Thursday.

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