Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wall Chart Offers Rugby Fans Humorous Guide To Soccer World Cup

A frustrated soccer fan has created an irreverent wall chart to help
rugby-mad Kiwis enjoy the 2010 football world cup.
Fanatical All Whites supporter, known as "Bobagio", says the poster
was created after he couldn't find a decent World Cup wall chart that
featured kick-off times in New Zealand.
"There was one I found, on a newspaper site, but it was a bit boring," he says.
The wallchart offers a humorous guide to the cup for New Zealanders
who are less familiar with the Beautiful Game.
"This is a wallchart for the whole nation who will spend a week or so
being massive All Whites fans." Bobagio says. "Most of them only know
about rugby, so there's a little guide to watching soccer, and some
little tidbits, ay."
The simple guide to the game includes a description of a football
("round as") and helps Kiwi's new to football wallcharts by inserting
the All Whites scores for each game ("0"). "I've also helped by
including the All White's kick off times."
The wall chart, which is posted on Bobagio's website also contains
some tongue-in-cheek digs at other finalists, including France
("cheats") and England ("long-ball merchants").
Asked if Kiwis might take offense at his jibes, Bobagio says: "It's
not as if I'm having a pop at the All Blacks. Us Kiwi football fans
are renowned for our sense of humour... we need one after all!"

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