Thursday, September 9, 2010

Harry Atisson participates in the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup

Vanuatu FIFA Referee Assessor Harry Atisson now is back in Trinidad and Tobago to assess the FIFA U17 women's World Cup referees that have just kicked off on Monday this week.

Atisson received a short notice from FIFA asking him to participate in the event as a Referee Assessor.

This is not the first time Atisson has been to the Caribbean. Atisson was there in 2001 as a referee himself in the FIFA U17 World Cup for boys just after the September 11 incident and was the first referee to officiate the opening match between Nigeria and USA where he called a 1 minute silence for the players to pay respects to the lives lost at the September 11 incident before the game kicked off.

Tobago football officials still remember Atisson and had a special welcome especially for him being the youngest FIFA Referee Committee Member.

 "I am happy to go back to Tobago even though it was a short notice because it is the where I laid down my foundation in being someone in the world of football and I have always enjoyed the Dwight York Stadium and coming back to it brings back fond memories, but now I come not as a referee but a referee assessor."


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