Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vanuafoot now on FM 107

Football fans in the country today have international, regional and local football news brought to their doorsteps through local FM station, FM 107.


 Managing Director and owner of the FM 107, Saby Natonga has the given the authorization for Vanuafoot to broadcast live on air the latest development of football.


Natonga whom is the current Vanuatu Football Federation Vice President stated that with the new agreement he now expects Vanuafoot to disseminate football information to all walks of life in the country.


Harry Atisson whom is the Vanuafoot media officer has welcomed the good news and thanks FM 107 Manager Arthur Knight, staff and owner Natonga for allowing Vanuafoot a session in their FM station.


Atisson has made the most out of the arrangement with the latest being a live coverage from OFC Futsal Championship in Fiji last month and has been airing live football updates daily every 11:45am.


Apart from FM 107, Vanuafoot has also a program on another FM station, Paradise FM which comes out daily at 9am and another session every Saturday from 10am and a Talkback show airing every Thursday evening for an hour from 7 to 8pm.


Ontop of it all, Vanuafoot has a TV program airing every Wednesday evening from 8 to 8:30pm, a website and has a full page allocated in the Vanuatu Infos weekly newspaper that comes out each Friday, and along with the new FM 107 deal, football news will be more accessible throughout the country.


Atisson has come out to stress that he has given everything he has so that football news can be circulated freely throughout the country to all and that he needs more freelance journos to comeout and help him carry out these tireless tasks and on top of that thanks Mathew Temar for taking his time off his busy schedule to come out and help update the Vanuafoot website and Sam Obed to edit the Vanuafoot TV Program.


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