Monday, September 6, 2010

Vanuatu Futsal squad needs new blood


Futsal fans in Vanuatu have been calling for a reform in the national futsal squad after a disappointing OFC Futsal Championship campaign.


The fans have appealed to see the recent squad members whom have been a regular in the past years to be removed and replaced with new bloods so that Vanuatu can go back and relive the glory days like back in 1992 when Vanuatu went down to Australia 1-0 in the final.


Futsal fans have been bombarding Vanuafoot Radio Talkback Show last with strong messages of a reform in the futsal squad citing that the current players lack the flare to score goals.


A concerned caller from Malekula Island said that the recent selection of the national squad was unfair because it had all the players from the Port Vila Futsal League and then ignored the other league players.


Most calls in called for a younger squad and has asked Vanuatu Football Federation to in the future select a fair and just squad that will produce good results. 


Vanuatu came 4th in this year's OFC Futsal Championship in Fiji and is the worst ever result for Vanuatu.


The only young blood in the recent squad was Nemani Roqara from Erakor Village which one caller insists that VFF should make him an example to other young players and recruit more young players like Nemani.

Story by RN

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