Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good win for the Champions

Vanuatu Champion Club, Amicale F.C. have more than enough motivation
to beat Port Vila selection in a  friendly organized yesterday at Port
Vila Municipal Stadium.

The match is one of the most entertaining friendly matches this year
with so many chances coming so often you couldn't afford to look away
for a second.

The first half was exciting with two goals from Fenedy Masauvakalo in
the 12th minutes and Alick Maemae scored his first goal for his new
club in 39th minutes, and many chances were wasted by both sides.

The game started off quickly with Amicale with most of the ball
possession and Port Vila Squad coming in to catch up in their

Despite a comfortable score line by Vanuatu's representative club in
the O-League, some weaknesses were evident. They looked comfortable
with their ball handling but a bit choked when they lose the ball.

The Red devil's midfielder, Stanley Waita who played the whole match
yesterday was delighted to see his side beat a strong Port Vila squad
which made up of three Mont Dort F.C. players from New Caledonia.

"We deserved the win against Port Vila. We played an exceptional fast
game in the first half. I am very happy with the role I play as
midfielder for the club and wish we can improve more before we play
Hekari", said Waita

Amicale F.C. will play their first OFC Champions league match on the
23rd October 2010 at the PMRL Stadium, Port Moresby.

Jean Yves Chapo, President of Amicale F.C. praised his boys for the
win, especially Alick Maemae who got praised for fitting well with the
Reds composition.

"Maemae is a player who knows what he wants in the field and he knows
how to get it. He also knows that he is not supposed to break and he
takes a team a step further. Maemae is a low profile person with a
very calm attitude", said Mr. Chapo.

"He has recently put on spot by media regarding his transfer to
Amicale and issues with Hekari, and the reason PVM Stadium was packed
yesterday for the friendly," he concluded.


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