Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hard work (and good coaching pays off), says Chikau

Vanuatu top Goal Keeper, Chikau Mansale has come out publicly to congratulate Amical Football Club after their win in the OFC O-League 2010 match against PNG Champions, Hekari United, last weekend.

"Congratulations to Amical FC for an outstanding performance. I am very proud of you all and thank God for the victory", he wrote on Vanuafoot website.

"I know it's not easy to win away, but it's good to see the team-work and the spirit you all have, to beat Hekari. Hard work and good coaching pays off'", he said.

Chikau must be proud of Amical, especially of his cousin Fenedy Masauvakalo, who grew up as a cricket player and now he loves football and is a great player.

"This is just the beginning and you (Amical) should continue to work hard for your next match in Fiji against Lautoka next month", wrote Chikau.

Chikau has crown OFC goal keeper of the tournament in three OFC Beach Soccer competitions, and he is always regarded as the Vanuatu top goal keeper now living in Australia with his Italian wife.


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