Friday, October 29, 2010

VFF Bred Cup final 2010: Tafea vs Vaum United

One of the biggest grand final of VFF Cup will take place tomorrow at Port Vila Stadium between former Vanuatu Champion Club Tafea F.C. and Northern Region Champion Vaum United F.C. for the Bred Cup final.

Vaum United has promised fans in Vanuatu that they will change the story of football in Vanuatu and that they are here in Port Vila to take back the Bred Cup to Santo.

Tafea F.C. will need to take precautions when handling Vaum who have registered a break-through in their group matches against Hilands of Tafea Province.

Vaums draw with Hilands 1-1 to make it through to the final on Wednesday.

Both team managers told Vanuafoot media that their players are ready to play full 90 minutes tomorrow.

VFF annouced that before the grand final at 3pm there will be a TVL Premier League match between Spirit 08 vs Ifira Black at 1pm.


Venue: Port Vila Stadium
1pm PVFA TVL Premier Champion match: Spirit 08 vs Ifira Black Bird FC
VFF Bred Cup 2010 Grand final
Tafea FC vs Vaum United at 3pm.


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