Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VFF/Bred Cup 2010: Vaum United 1-0 Hilands

Northern Region Champion, Vaum United F.C., beat Southern Region
Champion Hilands FC of Tafea Football Association 1-0, at Port Vila
Stadium last Monday.

Damelip Dalong scored the winning goal for Vaum in the 25th minute to
secure 3 points on the table.

Hilands, who were led out to field by Captain Ken Iata Buru for the
first time in a Bred Cup tournament, failed to build on a good start,
but fell 3 points behind after their opponents.

Vaum United developed confidence as minutes passed and  kept the score
at 1-0 to the final whistle.

They represents the Northern Islands champion, a region where the
level of football has dropped for so many years.

Their win earns them 3 points, but to get through to Bred Cup final,
they must overpower their opponents in their next match or a draw
should take them through.

VFF Bred Cup 2010.

2nd leg match: Vaum United vs Hilands

Date: 27th October 2010

Time: 3:30pm

Vanue: Port Vila Stadium.


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