Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tafea 5 - 2 Vaum United in Bred Bank Cup final

Tafea F.C. Midfielder Daniel Natou, scored twice to allow manager
Robert Calvo a winner of Bred Cup 2010 final, last weekend in Port

The midfielder displayed a perfect style of football the full 90
minutes with his team mates to put their home side 5-2 win over
Northern Champions.

Michel Kaltak scored for the champions in the 5 minutes and 3 minutes
later, Noel Morris added Tafea's second goal.

Vaum United Karl Roy scored for his side 11 minutes before break to
secure a goal against Tafea leading by 2 to 2-1.

In the second half of the match, Tafea continues to dominate the pitch
when Daniel Natou hit Vaum's net in the 71 minutes and Francois Sakama
came in as substitution to score the 4th goal in the 86 minutes.

Vaum retaliate in the last minutes and when Tafea couldn't handle the
pressure and former Amicale striker who now plays for Vaum United,
Kensi Saksak, recorded Vaum's second goal in 80 minutes, but Natou
came to top another Tafea's goals just before final whistle.

Tafea will celebrate with VT 200,000 price tag with the BRED Cup and
Vaum to enjoy the other VT100,000 back home.

"It's a fantastic game,'' said Richard Iwai, Tafea's Captain, to
Vanuafoot TV. ''We expect a tough game and it was a hard one. We got
lucky with by a couple of the goals and we're delighted to win the cup
for the 2nd time", he said.

"I want to thank Vaum United for a very good football display, and I
wish them safe trip back to Santo", he concluded.


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