Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another FIFA Goal Project Approved for Luganville

Another FIFA goal Project has been approved for Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF). This was announced by Glenn Turner, FIFA Goal Project Development Officer for Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) last year during the closing of the Teouma Football Academy.

In a letter by President of Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), Joseph S. Blatter to President of Vanuatu Football Federation, Mr. Lambert Maltock, he stated that, "I am pleased to inform you that your member association is one of the countries selected, and the Goal Bureau has decided to approve your fourth project".

Teouma Academy is the first FIFA goal project for Vanuatu and with the good management of the academy and it's outcome, FIFA has approved funds to upgrade Chapuis Stadium in Luganville Santo. This is the 4th FIFA Goal project in Vanuatu, to improve the stadium to international standards and will create a sub-center for football for northern islands of Vanuatu. FIFA Goal Project development officer said that parts of the funding will go towards lightings and a futsal court for Teouma Academy.

The President of VFF, Mr. Lambert Maltock acknowledged FIFA Goal Bureau and OFC for approving the fourth project. "This is good for Luganville and is an example to promote football in the rural areas because 80% of Vanuatu population are in the rural areas", said Mr. Maltock.

The acting Secretary General of Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF), Mr. John Bongnaim reported to Vanuafoot that work to upgrade Chapuis Stadium will commence very soon.

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