Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spirit 08 Import Fijian Esava Samudere

Two weeks before football championship games for Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) starts, football clubs are gearing up for the best of their teams, and Spirit 08 has confirmed to Vanuafoot today that he is importing Fijian Esava Samudere Nageleca. Team Manager for Spirit 08, Mr. Jonathan Naupa confirmed that all international transfer papers for Esava are ok and he due to arrive 8am this Saturday 9th January from Fiji. Esava Samudere is 21 years old and use to play center back for Suva and was the man of the match performance of the Fiji All Stars Vs Navua last month.

Spirit 08 is ranked 3rd in the PVFA premiere division and this is the 2nd biggest transfer for Spirit 08 after Seimata Chilia was transfered last month from Tupuji Imere F.C. Seimata was a former player for Suva who played alongside Esava Samudere. "The two players will be a plus to the team", said Mr. Naupa. "We are keen to play in the Super League and hope to maintain our current position in the championship", he added.

Vanuafoot will host a press conference on Esava Samudere's arrival and invites all media representatives to attend.

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