Monday, January 11, 2010

Fijian Football Star Esava arrived in Bauerfield

The 21 year old Fijian football star who will be playing for Spirit 08 F.C., Esava Samudere arrived saturday morning at the Bauerfield airport. He was greeted by fans and officials of Spirit 08 F.C and a press conference was hosted at the Spirit 08 headquarters.
Esava told press that he is honoured to be in Vanuatu and playing for Spirit 08 F.C. "I will perform to the best of my ability", he said. He will play alongside Seimata Chilia who was transfered from Tupuji Imere F.C. to Spirit 08 recently.
When questioned about his team mates like Chilia, Esava said "Seimata is like a brother to me and I find no difficulties playing with him". Seimata told press that he is happy to transfer to Spirit 08 and looks forward to play alongside Esava.
Esava Samudere captained for Fiji Under 17, Fiji Under 20 and Fiji Under 23 and last year he was the captain for Suva F.C. He was the youngest player to play for Fiji national team that tours United States of America (U.S.A) in 2007.
The Coach for Spirit 08, Mr. Carlos Buzzetti from Uruguay said. "I am happy to have 2 important players in my team and I'm looking forward when the matches will kick-off next week". When Vanuafoot asked about their perfomance, Mr Buzzetti said, "I have a lot of respect for Seimata and Esava and I am sure they can perform to make a difference for my team".
In a statement to press from the man behind Spirit 08, Mr. Jonathan Naupa said, "Spirit 08 is a fighting spirit, a spirit to move on, and a working spirit to challenge all youth in vanuatu to be like Seimata and Esava". "We are working to bring another player from Australia who plays for Melbourne Knights", said Mr. Naupa.
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