Monday, January 11, 2010

Vanuatu U20 Lost first Friendly to Mont-Dore

The Vanuatu U20 team currently touring New Caledonia, have lost 3 -1 to AS Mont-Dore F.C. last Saturday in their first friendly.

The Vanuatu U20 put on a suberb performance during the game with AS Mont-Dore F.C. Reports recieved by Vanuafoot that the game was not easy for both sides. It was in the last minutes of the game that AS Mont-Dore scored the 2 winning goals.

The team is well known as the Vanuatu Academy team and are in the 7th position in PVFA classment. The tour to New Caledonia are part of preparations before football season starts next week.

The Vanuatu U20 will play AS Magenta F.C. today and New Caledonia U20 on wednesday and thursday.


Photo's of the game can be viewed on our Facebook or click here.


Anonymous said...

Good start ....mmm.. Would you agree?

Anonymous said...

Yeh NC league is far advance than PVL. What do u expect?

Anonymous said...

young n tuff !!

Anonymous said...

Vanuatu under 18 (or under 20??) won their second friendly against NC under 18 (or under 20??)...according to les nouvelles caledoniennes...they beat New caledonia 4-1!!!


Anonymous said...

Go vanuatu go !!

Anonymous said...

gwan tuff yet ya...isnt it

Anonymous said...

they beat AS Magenta yesterday by 5 goals to 4. AS Magenta represents NC in the O league. tuff! ya!


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