Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ken Memorial Cup updates 28/01/10 - Tafea F.C. thrashed Academy 2 - 0

Tafea F.C. have prooven they can't be beaten when they thrashed the Academy young guns by 2 goals before the final whistle in the final rounds of stage 1 in the Ken Memorial Cup tournament.

The first goal of the match was a penalty awarded to Tafea F.C. and Obed Samson made no mistake to hit the Academy net with a cheer.

The second goal is likely to be an error handling made by Michel Kaltak but not penalised or disputed and he got away with a goal.

Although the Academy had some possible shots, not one took the moment to stunned the crowd this time. But it is still clear that they are still the tournament favorites and their qualification to the next stage of the game that matters.


Anonymous said...

Vanuatu i witnisim fes match fixing practice long Thursday night between Tafea mo Academi. VFF mas lukluk gud.

Anonymous said...

I did watch that game. People were predicting it to be a highly professional game, however I did not see that happened. May be the coach have some strategies to utilize on this with the fact that the young u17 have qualified for the knockout stage, by the way the coach must proof that to mere the possibilty of the match fixing scandal that seemed likely from that match as some may have witnessed.



Anonymous said...

what a shame? Someone could easily tell that the three academy coaches had manipulate the under 17 for their own gain. They should resign. A clear match fixing.
Please have the coaches removed.


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