Friday, February 12, 2010

Academy moving their way up the PVFA classment

The Academy team have moved up the PVFA table after their last match last Saturday against Yatel F.C., and today's match that ended tonight against Seveners United F.C.


The PVFA season ended last year with the Academy team at the 8th position and is the last position on the classment. Last Saturday they moved to 5th position and tonight to 4th, pushing Tupuji Imere F.C. down to 5th position on PVFA classment.


They toured New Caledonia before football season starts this year, and have remarkably put some performances which count their strength in the PVFA league, and placed them under the spotlight too.


Tonight, both teams have some very good opportunities to score and have constructed some good ball work at their opponent's base, but not one was successful in the first half of the match. The game was at Academy's pace, fast and swiftly ball work, but Seveners maintained their grip.
Golden Star football duo created uncomfortable scenes for Seveners


In the 2nd half of the game, Academy relief coach, Mr. Wilson August boosted his striking force by replacing his side with upcoming 14 year old star striker, Jean Kaltak.


Few minutes past, it was obvious that Jean Kaltak was a threat to Seveners side. Now with colleague Nemani Rogara, the Golden Star football duo were starting to create some uncomfortable scenes for Seveners, and everyone can now predict who to win.


Five minutes past half time, a build up game from the Academy side towards Seveners goal box ended with Kaltak's second chance with the ball, and with his great move and magic touch, he made a powerful blow that went past the Seveners keeper with beauty.


Minutes past, Seveners almost made an equalizer when a good opportunity from the left was shot skilfully over the Academy keeper, but he got saved by the cross-bar.


Again, Jean Kaltak and Nemani had some very good opportunities tonight but have failed to score. Their composition and everyone who contributes to their striking force have done it marvellously.


Nemani and Oktap scored the last two goals to end the Academy victory over Seveners.


Seveners have also put on a superb game against the Academy, but unfortunately, their loss tonight still placed them at the bottom of PVFA classment with Yatel F.C. and Westan Broncos F.C.


Academy have now taken the 4th position with 13 points, Amicale leading with 24, Tafea 20 and Spirit 08 gained 19 points.

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