Friday, February 12, 2010

Amicale F.C. leading the PVFA table

Amicale's win last saturday has earned them more points to continue
leading the PVFA table over their predecessor Tafea F.C.

Last weekend at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium, Amicale suprisingly
thrashed Tafea 5 goals to 0 in battle to top the classment. If Tafea
had won the match, they will maintain their lead again in the PVFA

It was an unfortunate moment and now Amicale is looking forward to
play Tupuji Imere tomorrow at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium. "We
respect Tupuji and we will stick to our first 11 lineup who took Tafea
F.C. last weekend", said Philimon John, Amicale coach.

"The Solomon boys have boosted our game and have exactly done what we
expect them to do, and that is to help Amicale move up the classment",
said coach Philimon.

"Amicale F.C. officials really appreciate their perfomance and we wish
to extend our appreciation to their families back in Solomon for their
support to let them come play for my club", he said.

Programmes for tomorow 13th February 2010

Premier Division

1:00pm Westtan Broncos vs Yatel FC (PV Stadium)
3:00pm Amical vs Tupuji   (PV Stadium)

Division One

Kawenu Field:

1:00pm  Lopatu vs  Erakor FC
3:0pm    Siwi  vs  Shepherds U

Divission Two

Antoine Rossi Field

11:00am  Saint Paul  vs Santos FC
Cultures UTD  vs  AS Abassadors
Mauriki FC  vs  Narak Tegapu

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