Saturday, February 27, 2010

Amicale proofed they are unbeatable

Amicale side have proofed again to their supporters this afternoon that they are unbeatable, when they thrashed Yatel by 7 goals to 1 at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

Although the weather was not pleasant for players and fans, more than 3000 football fans came to watch the game which some have described as an exciting one.

Yatel open the score 7 minutes in the first half with a goal by Jessy Frederick.

Amicale equalizes after 40 minutes and advanced their goals the rest of the match.

End of game, Amicale 7 and Yatel 1.

 Goal scorers:
Jessy Frederick – 7"
Fenedy Mausavakalo - 40" 2 goals. 2nd goal time not recorded
Richard Garae - 43"
Billy Kidston - 45"
Jerry Shem - 67" 2 goals. 2nd goal time not recorded.
Roger Waiwai – time not recorded.

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