Saturday, February 20, 2010

Batram Suri creates victory for Amicale

Batram Suri creates victory for Amicale F.C. today by shooting the only victory goal for their match against Spirit 08 F.C. at the Port Vila Municipal stadium.

More than 4000 spectators have packed the stadium to watch the match between the two rivals Amicale and Spirit 08, both teams are at the top of the Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) table.

It is obvious that a lot of football fans have come to watch the two teams perform.

The two teams made history this year when they import players from Fiji and Solomon Islands to boost their strength. The changes have pushed both clubs to top of PVFA table.

It was a fierce match between the two clubs and an unpredicted game too. Fenedy missed some very good opportunities today.

Spirit 08 looks solid too with their defence and an active striking force in which at some instances has panicked and creates errors at Amicale base.

The only goal of the match came after a free kick awarded to Amicale outside the 20 metre box and Robert Yalu chipped the ball over Spirit 08 wall that cause chaos at Spirit’s defence. It was when Batram had the opportunity which he took with no mistake but send the Amicale’s celebrating.

The other two matches saw Academy beat Tupuji Imere F.C. by 3 goals to 1. Nemani Rogara scored 2 goals for Academy and Simo scored 1 goal.

Tafea F.C. took Yatel F.C. in the final game of the day which they smashed the blues with a come back 4 goals to 0. Richard Iwai open the score 30 minutes after first half and the rest of the goals by Sakama.

Sakama missed some good opportunities too.

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