Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tafea F.C. Vs Yatel F.C. Live on web now!

Tafea Line-up

Coach: Graham Demas

Ettienne Mermer - 11
Richard Iwai - 10
Sakama - 13
Freddy Vava - 6 Captain

Referee: Banga Robinson
Assistant Referee: Marie Napuk

1st Half

Kick-off time 4.07pm

1" Shot by Sakama went wide. Tafea's 15 jersey was denied entry by defence to a corner kick. Shot cleared out.

2" Crossing by Richard Iwai to Yatel's box and foul against Yatel.

4" Yatel 9 jersey booked for foul play against Tafea's defence.

6" Corner kick taken by Yatel cleared by Tafea's defence.

7" Free kick by Freddy Vava 20m from the box was cleared by defence.

11" Good crossing by Ettiene but chance to take shot was missed by Tafea 19 jersey.

17" Shot by Yatel was caught by Tafea keeper.

18" Good low crossing by Rihard Iwai to Tafea 15. Shot was deflected by defence and another shot by Tafea 19 was deflected over the bar by Yatel keeper.

22" Free kick by Yatel 20m from the box was missed by Tafea keeper but fortunately Freddy Vava was there to stop the ball.

25" Good opportunity for Tafea 19 but was headed wide.

28" Good crossing by Richard Iwai to Ettiene but shot was deflected by Yatel's defence.

30" Great pass from Tafea 15 to Richard Iwai. Yatel keeper could not stop the powerful shot from Richard. First goal for Tafea.

Tafea 1 - 0 Yatel

32" Corner kick by Tafea was cleared by defence.

35" Yatel 8 injured. Ettiene booked for foul play. Free kick awarded and taken by Yatel 5 was saved by keeper.

42" Foul against Yatel 8. Nice free kick by Yatel went over the bar.

44" Substitute for Yatel. Another free kick for Yatel but shot cleared by Tafea defence.

45" End of first half

Tafea F.C. 1 - 0 Yatel F.C.

2nd Half


47" Tafea (19) missed an opportunity

53" Free kick awarded to Yatel 1m from the box but shot wide.

55" Substitute for Tafea. 15 out Jeffery Gete (17) in.

An opportunity for Yatel was tapped out by the keeper.

63" Ettiene's shot was saved by Yatel keeper.

66" Substitute for Yatel. 18 in 9 out.

67" A cross from Ettiene was deflected to corner.

68" Richard Iwai took the shot but was cleared by Yatel defence.

68" Substitute for Tafea. Ettiene(11) out and 12 in.

69" Another corner kick for Tafea. Sakama scored!.

Tafea 2 - 0 Yatel

70" Another great pass from Tafea 19 to Sakama and he scored again.

Tafea 3 - 0 Yatel

72" Substitute for Tafea. 16 in Richard Iwai out.

79" Sakama scored another goal for Tafea.

Tafea 4 - 0 Yatel

88" Yatel defender (5) injured. Goal by Sakama dismissed by referee.

84" Shot by Sakama went out.

85" Sakama chipped ball over defender 1 but was deflected to corner by defender 2.

87" Sakama's took one shot but the ball went over the bar.

89" Tafea 5 injured.

90" End of match

Tafea F.C. 4 - 0 Yatel F.C.

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