Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amicale F.C. Vs Spirit 08 - Live on web Now!

Amicale Line-up
Coach: Philimon

Fenedy - 11 Captain
Batram Suri - 26
Nelson Sale
Richard Anisua - 28
Yalu Robert - 7
Kidston Billy - 24
Ernest Bong - 1 Keeper

Bench: Steve, Malcolm.

Spirit 08 Line-up
Coach: Carloz Buzetti
Manager: Johnathan Naupa

Esava Samudere - 5
Seimata Chilia - 10 Captain

Referee: Bruce George
Assistant Referee: Banga
Lines-men: Remo

Crowd: 3000+

First Half

Kick-off 2.08pm

2" Free kick to Amicale taken by Richard Anisua cleared by Spirit's defence

4" Fenedy before the keeper but ball caught.

5" Batram with a hat-trick but deflected by defence

6" Fenedy missed another opportunity

8" Seimata brought down, free kick for Spirit 08.

9" Seimata down again 15m from the box. Another free kick and deflected by Amicale's wall.

10"Fenedy with the keeper but shot went wide.

12" Robert Yalu down. Free kick for Amicale. Good pass to Fenedy, shot went over the bar.

13" Foul play against Fenedy. Free kick awarded to Amicale 20m from the box. shot was cleared by Esava.

15" Error by Amicale defence and corner kick was cleared by defence.

18" Another opportunity for Fenedy was cleared by Esava.

20" Free kick taken by spirit to find 11 jersey but ball went out. Good pass by kidston to Batram was caught by the Spirit keeper.

22" Shot taken by Spirit's 11 jersey went over the bar.

24" Great shot by fenedy was saved by Spirit keeper.

25" Fenedy missed another opportunity from Batram.

28" Good pass to Fenedy with a hat-trick on the keeper but was cleared by Spirit's defence.

31" Batram brought down in the penalty box.

34" Great play by Kidston, Batram and Robert Yalu, but cleared by defence.

No chances for both team yet.

41" Good try by Amicale 21 Jersey. Another good opportunity for Fenedy caught by the keeper.

Spirit defence looks solid with Esava Samudere and Richard is enjoying the game as usual.

45" End of 1st Half

Amicale F.C. 0 - 0 Spirit 08

2nd half

47" Foul to seimata. Free kick clearedn by defence.

49" high pass by 11 jeresey was intercepted by Amicale keeper.

50" Yalu went down. Free kick 20m was hit out by Spirit keeper.

52" Spirit 11 jersey missed an opportunity

53" Good crossing by Spirit 9 jersey was intercepted by goal.

57" Foul to Richard 20m from box. Free kick by Fenedy was shot wide out.

61" Crossing by Batram to find Billy Kidston was cleared by Spirit defence.

63" Powerful shot by Spirit was deflected by defence.

65" Batram denied entry by Esava, and Spirit 11 jersey missed a good opportunity

68" Substitute for Spirit. 11 out and 18 in.

71" Richard Anisua booked for foul play.

73" Richard Anisua injured.

78" Both team working very hard. Substitute for Spirit. Seimata Captain out.

79" Corner kick by Amicale cleared by Spirit defence.

80" Great pass from Spirit 19 jersey was blocked by defence

81" Spirit 9 jersey booked for foul play.

83" Substitute for Amicale. 12 out 31 in.

84" Free kick by Amicale Yalu deflected by Spirit's wall. Another free kick chipped over by Yalu and was shot in by Batram Suri.

A goal for Amicale.

Amicale 1 - 0 Spirit 08

88" Substitute for Amicale. Batram out, 17 in.

Esava moved to striking position.

90" End of match.

Amicale F.C. 1 - 0 Spirit 08.

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