Saturday, February 20, 2010

Academy Vs Tupuji Imere F.C. - LIVE now!

First Half

36" Nemani Rogara (Academy) first goal
40" Rodney (Tupuj) - Equalizer
42" Simo (Academy) - @nd goal for Academy

Second Half

Penalty awarded to Tupuji was shot over the bar.

10" Jean Kaltak missed a shot and again another chance for academy and Nemani's shot was deflected by the keeper

18" 12 jersey academy shot wide

23" Jean kaltak missed an opportunity

24" Great shot from Nemani 20m from the box got in by a curve

Academy 3 - 1 Tupuji

26" Free kick by Nemani saved by the keeper

27" Free kick by Tupuji at Academy's base was cleared by defence

30" Substitute for academy and Tupuji.

31" corner kick by academy and was chipped over the bar. An opportunity for Tupuji was shot wide.

33" Free kick by Tupuji was caught by academy keeper

34" Namani brought down by Tupuji defence. No penalty.

35" 3 jersey Academy booked for throwing the ball

38" Free kick by Tupuji was deflected to corner

39" bad throw by Academy

40" shot by academy 13 went wide. substitute by academy

43" Free kick by Academy went out

44" Academy 11 down

End of Game

Academy 3 - 1 Tupuji Imere F.C.

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