Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Referees should prepare to apply correct laws at the right time.

“Referees should prepare to apply correct laws at the right time during a match”, said Mr. Harry Atisson, member of the OFC and FIFA referee committee.

He made these comments over last weekend’s clash between Amicale F.C. and Tupuji Imere when the referee’s decision during the match infuriate the Tupuji Imere supporters who got in a row with the match officials, at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

It started when a Tupuji player got red card for foul language. The referee’s decision was disputed by Chikau Mansale and he got booked for arguing with the referee.
In another incident, Tupuji captain was also sent out for intentionally deflecting the ball by hand which should have been a goal chipped past the keeper by Fenedy from Amicale.

The referee’s decisions that afternoon raised commotion amongst football fans and especially fuming Tupuji Imere’s officials and supporters.
It is clear that the referee made his decisions because Tupuji players used foul language during the match.

Tony Chilia and another Tupuji player used foul language in 2 incidents during the game.

According to FIFA Law 12, A player shall be sent off the field of play and shown the red card, if, in the opinion of the referee, he: (n) is guilty of violent conduct;(o) is guilty of serious foul play; (p) uses foul or abusive language; (q) is guilty of a 2nd cautionable offense after having received a caution.

Meanwhile, FIFA has approved 7 Vanuatu referees to officiate football matches in 2010.

Reports received from the VFF referee department this week that FIFA has approved Soterio Bernard from Luganville Football Association, Banga Robinson and Bruce George from PVFA to be FIFA referees in 2010.

Assistant referees are Mahit Chilia, Alick Lukai and Michael Joseph from PVFA.
Peter Pakoatong is the FIFA futsal referee.

Harry Atisson, who is a member of the OFC and FIFA referee committee, has put on a lot of effort in developing these referees in Vanuatu and has praised them for their achievement.

“The referees have proofed themselves and through their dedication with the PVFA in the past years, I think they deserve the promotions”, said Mr. Atisson.

“Now they need to work extra hard to apply good rules and uphold fair play to avoid confusion in their decisions during a football match”, he added.

The newly appointed FIFA referees are taking referee trainings every week at the Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

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