Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Academy Advanced to 3rd Position

Teouma Academy have now advanced to third position after their win over Westan Broncos last night at the PVM Stadium with 2 goals to 0.
Academy team (U20) tours NC 2010.

After a goal less first half, substitute Jean Kaltak went in the 2nd half and set up the first ball for Nemani Rogara to open the score.

Westan Broncos missed some good opportunities too, but unfortunatley could not stop the young Academy from getting their second ball into their net.

16-years old Jean Kaltak with Simo Joseph made another superb action again from a one touch passing breaking through Westan's defense and Simo backing the ball in to close the score at 2 goals to 0.

Teouma Academy team who had 16 points before, have now equal 19 points with Spirit 08 on the PVFA table, but the goal averages now pushed Academy up over Spirit 08.

Academy coach Etienne Mermer said they are happy with the win and it is their objective to maintain their position in the super 5 series.

"This is important to us too because the competition at this level will  prepare the boys towards the Oceania Under 20 World Cup qualifying round next year in Auckland", he said.

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