Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tafea Vs Spirit 08 Live update now!

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Kick-off time: 6.00pm Vanuatu time

Weather: Cloudy and light showers.

Crowd: 500+

Kick-off (Game starts)

1" Good crossing from Tari (Spirit) cleared by Tafea defense.
6" 6 minutes after kick-off, more showers and pitch getting dark. PVM Stadium lighting could be a problem.
9" An pportunity for Jean Nakou, but his shot went wide.
11" Rody (Spirit) himself with the GK but missed an easy goal. Another opportunity missed, should have been a goal for Spirit 08.
19" John Lan Turu open the score for Tafea with a rebound at Spirit defense.

Tafea 1 - 0 Spirit 08

24" Spirit trying to break the nut shell here with 1 good crossing but was saved by Alfred Malas (GK) and another header went wide.
25" Tafea Jean Nako wit his usual speed pushed and chased a ball to the right field and sent a crossing straight to GK. Again Kaltak himself in front of Spirit GK and he managed to get through to a clear spot but his easy goal went wide.
33" A free kick by Freddy Vava went straight to Spirit GK.
34" Good powerful shot by Seimata Chilia went over the goal bar.
40" Both teams struggling to convert to goals. Tafea is playing defensive and continue to attack front and Spirit too are serious.

45" End of first half.

Tafea 1-0 Spirit 08

Kick-off for 2nd Half.

47" A good shot by Spirit 08 but was saved by Malas [GK]. Anyone could score now.
50" A Spirit player down and injured. Etienne got a yellow card.
52" Another foul by Richard Iwai inside the penalty box. Penalty awarded to Spirit 08. Seimata Chilia took the penalty and open the score for Spirit.

Tafea 1-1 Spirit 08

60" Both defense look solid. Kaltak (TAF) got a card for foul play. Spirit front line causing a lot of disturbance to Tafea defense. Very good moves. Ball back to Tafea and Kaltak sent a crossing to find his team mates but was saved by Spirit GK. Again another attempt by Spirit was denied by Tafea defense.
66" A corner kick by Spirit was deflected to corner by Tafea GK and another corner taken was headed wide.
68" An attempt by Tafea at Spirit's box was cleared by defense and Kaltak got red card for warning and previous cards.
72" Spirit's striking force and attacking are looking dangerous for Tafea and they could collapse the red's wall any minute.
76" Tafea missed another easy goal. They have step up their attacking and in ball possession the last few minutes.
80" Both teams hitting on each other but Tafea in ball possession at Spirits side. Few attempts have been denied by Spirit defense. Tafea could sent their ball in if Spirit 08 defense are not careful.
86" 4 minutes to go both teams have not made any attempts to score. 1-2 combination from Tafea's striking force could not penetrate Spirits' defense. Spirit working hard to break through Tafea defense, but the competition could end with 1-1 draw.
90" Now playing at injury time.

91" Final whistle. End of Game.

Tafea F.C. 1-1 Spirit 08

Spirit Line-up:
Carloz Buzetti (Coach),Seimata Chilia,Rexley,Tari,Robert,Ham,Jacque,Rodney,Ben,Rody

Tafea Line-up:
Fredy Vava, Samson Obed,Frazer Maebule,Richard Iwai,Sibai Chris (GK) Reserve,Manley Tambe (Reserve),Michel Kaltak,Etienne Mermer,Sakama (Reserve),Alfred Malas (GK),Roger Joe,Namatak (Reserve)

Referees: Mahit Chilia, Alick Lukai

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Anonymous said...

Tafea looking tied or what? Spirit is catching up and well done to 08.
They show they can now compit and hope they do better in the super 5s coming up soon.


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