Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amicale Snatched 2010 PVFA League Championship Title

Amicale F.C. made history this season when they snatched the PVFA championship title from rivals Tafea F.C. who have reigned for 15-years in the PVFA league history.

They escape with the title today at the PVM Stadium after beating Seveners United F.C. 3 goals to 1 in their final match of the PVFA league championship round, by 36 clear leading points on the table.

Amicale open the score 35-minutes after kick-off by a goal from Solomon Island's Billy Kidston. Robert Yalou added a goal 70-minute later and Seveners United managed to get a penalty in the net, 81-minute in the second half.

Solomon Island Veteran player, Batram Suri closed the score 5 minutes before the final whistle to make history for Amicale, and sent them cheering around the streets of Port Vila along with supporters and fans.

"The match today draws a lot of crowd again after the last weekend matches were cancelled due to bad weather conditions caused by Cyclone Ului", said PVFA League Superintendent, Mr. Bong Shem.

"This afternoon, Amicale have displayed a brilliant game against a very tough opponent, the Seveners United F.C.", said Mr. Shem. "They were the best this season and they deserve the title. They constantly draws crowd to PVM Stadium and always impress football fans, especially with the Solomon Island counterparts", he added.

Although the other 7 teams competing in the PVFA league championship have a match yet to play, Amicale's win this afternoon has put them on clear spot to pick the title.



Anonymous said...

Congrats Vanuafoot for Amical title infor.Can u changes the photos, ntice etc.. on ur web.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Amicale Football Club on this history making win of the PVFA 2010 title, On behalf of Uncles FC of Solomon Islands, we are very proud of the fact that we have contributed our Club Captain Kidstone Billy to this history making team of 2010.

That is the kind of product we are producing from our club, we play with our heart, and not because we are paid.

Go Amicale Go, Go KB Go,Staka lo barik nomoa


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