Thursday, March 4, 2010

Football Academy To Have New Lights

The Football Academy facility in Teouma will have new lights soon.

Maintenance work are going underway to build the electrical lightings for Teouma Academy pitch which should be completed in a few months from now.

The project funding came from FIFA Goal Bureau through OFC, part of the funds to upgrade Chapuis Stadium in Luganville.

Teouma Academy Manager, Mr. Etienne Mermer thanked FIFA and OFC for their continous support to develop football in Vanuatu.

"The lights will improve our trainings and the development of the youth who come here as a whole, and to build better footballers in the future", said Mr. Mermer.

Etienne Mermer now looks after the Teouma Academy Facility after Yvon Avry's contract ended last year.

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