Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Chat Feature for Real-Time Match Broadcast

Vanuafoot has a new chat feature for real-time match broadcasts.

The new feature is open for anyone to test before the O-league match this saturday at PVM Stadium.
In real-time chat, text are entered or updated after an action has taken place and noted by the channel operator.
Sample Chat Windows

One advantage of the new feature is the word replier bot.

If a team jersey number is typed, the channel bot replies with the player name and it's position on the field.
An example would be, if 'Tafea9' is typed to the channel, the bot will response to the text with ' Tafea 9 is Jean Nako Naprapol', or 'Marist1' will return 'Navusu Kutia - GK'.

It will also allow online readers to communicate with the reporter and those living abroad and fans overseas can continue to enjoy football played in Vanuatu.

The feature uses Flash plugin connected to a certain Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. Users can test the chat feature by login through or
If the chat feature operates well, then any PVFA matches can be text'ed almost at real-time.
The O-League group B match this saturday will be broadcasted LIVE on Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV), Paradise FM (FM98) and online through vanuafoot LIVE broadcast channel.

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