Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tupuji Seize Tafea to 1-1 draw

Tupuji F.C. seize Tafea F.C. to a 1-1 draw last night at the PVM Stadium.

Both teams have displayed a suberb game in the first half of the match with many good opportunities but have not transformed them into goals.

Solomon Islands Import, Frazer Maebule, displayed some great ball work at the Tupuji's box but Chikau Mansale keeps rejecting the ball from going in his net.

He had one good opportunity in the first 9 minutes when his shot was deflected by Tupuji GK to a corner-kick and another shot just sligthly went wide.

It was one free-kick taken by Richard Iwai 25 minutes later that Frazer took the header and it curved over Chikau and behind his net. It was a stunning goal for Tafea F.C. by former Uncle's F.C. midfield striker.

Tupuji upcoming sensational, 15-year old Coulon Michel who scored the victory goal for Tupuji over Spirit 08, took some good shots during the match, unfortunately not one got inside Tafea's net.

Chikau Mansale and his goal posts saved Tupuji from a lot of trouble last night.

Richard Iwai blasted a shot 20 metres away from Tupuji's box and it bounced twice on the goal post. The ball hist the cross-bar then on the side post again but was cleared by Tupuji's defence.

Jean Nakou had another chance but he hit the side post again of Tupuji's goal and cleared by defence.

Second half of the match started with some injuries and few cards flagged out. Tafea's defence started to look weak too.

Sixty-five minutues, Freddy Vava decided to run a ball back towards his GK.

He managed to clear the ball again, but unfortunately it landed at Sike's feet 20 metres away and Sike took a right low blow and no defence was on the way to break the shot and it went right inside Tafea's net.

Another stunning goal by Tupuji.

End of game Tafea 1 - 1 Tupuji Imere.

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