Monday, April 12, 2010

Amical too good in day one of National Soccer League

National Soccer League kicked-off last weekend and PVFA leader, Amicale red devils proof themselves too good when they wiped out Tupuji Imere by 4 goals to 2.

About 3000 fans came to watch the show last weekend with heavy security inside PVM Stadium.

Solomon International, Billy Kidston open the score for the red devils 22 minutes after kick-off with a superb ball work that went past Chikau Mansale into Tupuji's net.

Captain Fenedy Mausafakalo added the red's 2nd goal 35 minutes later by a 20 metres blow at Mansale who could not stop the powerful shot from his cousin into the yellow's net.

Peter John added another goal in the 2nd half but the red devils were responded from a beautiful sweep by Imere's uprising star, Rodney.

The red devil's scored their 4th goal by a perfect ball work between the two talented Billy Kidston and Fenedy Mausafakalo and just before the end of the match, Bula from Tupuji converted a penalty to close the score at 4 goals to 2 in favour of Amicale F.C.

In a statement to Vanuafoot TV, captain Fenedy said he was happy with the boys performance on the first day of the NSL tournament and their hard work which earned them 3 points on the table.

Next week Amicale will play Academy at the PVM Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Good win and good to see tight securities at Port Vila Stadium.No leko must putum more securities. We have learned our lessons in the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amicale, Watch out O-League, amicale will be a force in 2010-2011 O-league. Les lo KB moa

Anonymous said...

This site: Why do we have to many articles relating to overseas soccer players. More news is on overseas league simply because copy articles from other websites and simply paste them onto their website. Whoever is administering this site is just lazy with no ability to write good articles for readers.

This shows VFF's aproach of talking big and doing nothing or very little. Pls write about Vanuatu soccer players and you should have the passion to write about our players and very few who are plying their trade overseas....should have a good follow up of Seule Soromon, Joseph Namariau so their stories depicts to players how it is to play in another league


Admin said...

Dear concerned reader

We noted your points raised.

We welcome complaints or criticism to clear the air and better develop the online reporting and our web services.

Thank you for your comments and your participating on this football blog.

Admin said...

Dear Readers

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2. Layout and design of the Official website, Twitter, Facebook and blog are created and administered in good-will [no pay] by:

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Anonymous said...

I must give the credit to Mr. Attisson for creating this medium. Even in Sudan, we are checking the site for updates two times a day and also catching up with live matches. Hem nao wei!



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