Monday, April 12, 2010

Zero-Eight leading after day 1 of NSL

The two new commers in PVFA and new to participate in NSL, Spirit 08 and Academy met last weekend at PVM Stadium in day 1 of the NSL tournament.

Spirit 08 proofed many fans who were predicting an easy win for the skilfull Academy team wrong when they crashed them 3 goals to 1.

The young Epi'ian footballer, Robert Tasso open up the score for Spirit 08 40 minutes after no attempts made in the early minutes of the game.

He later converted another goal 46 minutes in the second half from a spotted loose ball mistakenly left by Academy defense.

Zero-eight substitute, Loreen Bob closed all the spirit's conversions leaving their score board at 3 goals in the 59 minutes.

Fijian international, Esava Samudere was behind Spirit's defense but just before the match ended, his defense was breached and Academy had an opportunity to convert a penalty closing the scoreboard at 3 goals to 1.

Carlos Buzzetti said he is happy about 08's win which has also placed them in the top position at day 1 of the NSL.

Spirit 08 will play Tafea F.C. next Saturday 17th March 2010 at PVM Stadium.

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